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… everyone go home I just got the wildest fic comment you’ll ever see.


gonna make a uquiz and it’s just gonna be obscure-ass things from the 1990s and it’s gonna be called “are you too old to be on tumblr”

WiP Amnesty: “Three Newt Limit” (Omeletteverse)

Eighteen thousand words and I gotta admit I’ve just petered out on this one. Mostly just self-indulgent infodump, but it does end sort of okay-ish, if a bit in the middle of the action? Whatever. Here it is!



… all right. I finished it. Now let’s never do that again.


Doodling ideas for the Omeletteverse hiveswarm, specifically Mothra (no relation), who is both tiny and fuzzy and terrifying. Her body plan is based off Alice v2.0, albeit furrier and many times smaller.