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Gravity Falls


Ten Years

The misadventures of a twenty-something quantum cryptographer and his extra-dimensional fractal boyfriend.

Part 1: Ten Years, Two Weeks

It’s been a decade since Dipper Pines spent one uneventful summer in Gravity Falls. Now he’s back, as the executor of his deceased great uncle’s estate. Gravity Falls may have more hipster bars and coffeeshops than Dipper remembers, but some things, and some people, never change. Between lunch with the Northwest-Gleefuls and beers with Robbie, it’s almost like Dipper’s picking up a life he never left.

If only things could be that easy.

Part 2: Ten Forward, Two Back

Ten years ago, Dipper Pines and Bill Cipher first defeated the Bulk. Twenty years ago, Dipper Pines met his future self.

Bizarre Love Triangle (unfinished)

Manifesting Bill Cipher in order to be his pretend date to make Pacifica jealous? Yeah, this is literally the dumbest idea Dipper’s ever had. Literally.


Ten Years, Two Weeks

  1. Intro.
  2. Day 1.
  3. Day 2.
  4. Day 3.
  5. Day 4 (and 5).
  6. Day 6.
  7. Day 7.
  8. Day 8.
  9. Day 9.
  10. Day 10.
  11. Day 11.
  12. Day ???.
  13. ??? ???.
  14. Day 0.

Ten Forward, Two Back

  1. Opening.
  2. Ending.

Bizarre Love Triangle

  1. Part 1.
  2. Part 2.
  3. Part 3.
  4. Title drop.


Adult/human versions of Mabel, Dipper, and Bill from 10Y2W. Sketch.

Various Bills, Dippers, and a Bipper from 10Y2W.


  1. pium-poetam did an absolutely fantastic comic of one of the scenes in 10y2w.
  2. xerohn-alighieri drew Bill from 10y2w, showing off his “bricks.”
  3. rene-elric drew a stunning version of the tree-burning scene from 10y2w.
  4. cipher-is-my-waifu drew Terminator!Bill from 10f2b.