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WiP Amnesty: “Three Newt Limit” (Omeletteverse)

Eighteen thousand words and I gotta admit I’ve just petered out on this one. Mostly just self-indulgent infodump, but it does end sort of okay-ish, if a bit in the middle of the action? Whatever. Here it is!



While we’re at it: the girls of K2, Vi and Ela (“they’re lesbians, Hermann…”).



“God this shit is so fucking gross. It stinks. You stink. Like a fucking college dorm. This stank-ass sweaty parka and fucking stale fucking cigarettes and pot.”

Update: Now in beautiful beige!


Doop doopt standing Noopt. Character design consistency between poses is hard do not recommend.

Trying to make myself not spend like forty hours rendering things because urgh. And also not at all because I saw this yesterday and now need to change my Newt design again…