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I will not go quietly…

… just one more.


It's science, dude.

… wow I actually kinda finished something? Amazing?

And because yeah this dumb series has taken over my brain again and I’ve written new 36k words for in the last, like, week and a bit. So now we have:

Bonus doodles: Trying to figure out Newt’s underside/standing pose/how the frick his second arms actually attach. The dots on his neck and chest are his close-up-vision eyes; given his “main” eyes are on the top of his head it kind of occurred to me he wouldn’t be able to see things in his small arms with them, which would kind of defeat the purpose. Also: I really really need to buy a new scanner…

Anyway I think we’re done with this whole oldfic revisiting brainworm now so… yay?


Getting into some peak “draw the rest of the kaiju” territory now…

Boys like us don’t shine so bright.

I wasn’t… super happy with the previous version of Newt’s head, so… have a version 3. This time with the correct number of eyes! And some additional Socialist Teeth.

Also some hands, because I like drawing little clawsies.

The bracelet/rings on the small hands are a gift from Hermann; I figured he finally made good on his threat to listen to every one of Newt’s “terrible voice memos”… for the purpose of creating a speech synthesizer than can read sign language. It’s not perfect but, hey. It beats getting shot at…


… we were supposed to go to Hong Kong later this year.

I guess not, now.

Update: … now with some shading because eh.