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Fic Amnesty: “Slouching towards Gomorrah.“

So in celebration of Tumblr’s imminent porn ban… have some–

Well, okay. It’s not exactly porn, though there is one sex scene. Mostly, it’s a fic about fandom and female sexuality. It is complete, but I never posted it because it’s basically fic #2 in a series for which I never wrote fic #1, so some of the set-up is a little contextless/assumes you’ve read something you physically couldn’t’ve read because it doesn’t exist. Oh well.

Oh yeah, and this is (explicit!) Supernatural Becky/Crowley, i.e. what is quite possibly one of the rarest of rarepairs for this fandom. So… there’s that, too.

Enjoy! (Preferably while listening to this and this, if that’s your bag, baby.)


WIP Amnesty: “Cruel Angels” pt. 8.

So it occurs to me I never did the WIP amnesty thing for the 3k-ish words I did end up writing for part 8 of Cruel Angels. So, uh. Have that. I guess?

Mild content warning for general violence and, more specifically, the implication of intimate partner violence. Also script formatting. Because lawlz.

Also, the (second) most metaplot spoilery music that was supposed to go with this chapter