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WiP Amnesty: “Three Newt Limit” (Omeletteverse)

Eighteen thousand words and I gotta admit I’ve just petered out on this one. Mostly just self-indulgent infodump, but it does end sort of okay-ish, if a bit in the middle of the action? Whatever. Here it is!


Fic Amnesty: “Slouching towards Gomorrah.“

So in celebration of Tumblr’s imminent porn ban… have some–

Well, okay. It’s not exactly porn, though there is one sex scene. Mostly, it’s a fic about fandom and female sexuality. It is complete, but I never posted it because it’s basically fic #2 in a series for which I never wrote fic #1, so some of the set-up is a little contextless/assumes you’ve read something you physically couldn’t’ve read because it doesn’t exist. Oh well.

Oh yeah, and this is (explicit!) Supernatural Becky/Crowley, i.e. what is quite possibly one of the rarest of rarepairs for this fandom. So… there’s that, too.

Enjoy! (Preferably while listening to this and this, if that’s your bag, baby.)


WIP Amnesty: “Cruel Angels” pt. 8.

So it occurs to me I never did the WIP amnesty thing for the 3k-ish words I did end up writing for part 8 of Cruel Angels. So, uh. Have that. I guess?

Mild content warning for general violence and, more specifically, the implication of intimate partner violence. Also script formatting. Because lawlz.

Also, the (second) most metaplot spoilery music that was supposed to go with this chapter



kabjl asked:

Hi, I was wondering when you might update the “Cruel Angels” fic series?

Look, I’ll be honest: I was very much not into the end of s12, for a variety of reasons, with the main side effect being that it killed my desire to write SPN fic. My Greatest Sin as a fic writer is I bounce around between ideas quickly and sharply–if I’m “into” something, I’ll blast through 100k in a few months, but if I’m not, I’ll just move on to something else–so the likelihood at this point that CA is going to get finished is, uh. Well. Pretty much zero. Sorry.

Um… for those people hanging out wanting to know where the story was going, however, have some spoilers:

First of all, Sam–as most people guessed–does, in fact, currently have a case of the Lucifers. It’s pretty much rolling along as in-show, although I kept changing my mind about what I wanted to do with it long-term. I kinda like Sammifer as a trope–in the Sam-is-Lucifer sense–so I was tossing that idea around for a while, but I honestly hadn’t quite decided.

Secondly, as I’m sure people also suspected, Rilla is a.k.a. Ril a.k.a. Jibril a.k.a. Gabriel. The story she tells the boys when they meet her is basically true, although she omitted the whole “reassembled by God after that time I died, you guys remember that?” part. It’s fair to say Rilla is somewhat hastily reassembled, and while she’s very powerful, she’s not nearly “regular archangel” powerful. She’s currently doing Angel Mojo on Sam to help him deal with his Lucifer hangover, but she doesn’t know how to fully heal him (“that was more of Raf’s thing”). I was going to have her reveal herself after Micifer sends either a bunch of angels and/or Raphael to attack the Bunker. Needless to say, Sam will not be happy when he learns about all this (“kid’s been screwed around enough by archangels in his life, though before it was only figuratively”)…

Of course, Rilla has been tasked to guard the bunker because–despite Cas’s assertions–Becky is, indeed, the current Prophet. (Where is Kevin? Let’s say safely evacuated to Hawaii and Not Appearing In This Story. Sorry, Kevin.) Becky’s main job in the narrative is to give Backstory to the ontological mystery of the series by transcribing Chuck’s scripts, through which she will learn…

… the True Translation of the Final Words of God to Cas which, in English, were: “Cas-of-God, my greatest mistake. More dangerous than Lucifer himself. I— so proud. You—” Since part two, Cas has taken this as an admonishment of his own pride; Becky suggests to him that maybe it’s God saying he’s proud of what Cas has become (in keeping with earlier themes re. “emergent behavior”). Helping Cas get over his self-pity-party will eventually lead Cas to reveal the fact that…

The Samulet is actually the thing Micifer is after because the Samulet is, in fact, God. Or, at least, a piece of God/“key” to God’s power. I hadn’t quite decided how much of this Micifer consciously knows; they know they’re after something of that nature, but Cas lead them to believe it was something in the Bunker (which, quite possibly, means they might think it’s Becky…).

While I’m on the subject non-animate plot devices, the Chuck-murder-rope is made from what Crowley describes as “Nietzschean steel”. This can only be made from iron extracted from the blood of innocents drained within Hell itself, as is thus both, a) extremely rare, and b) anathema to “pretty much everything”. This particular rope was made from Sam during his time in the Cage, which is the reason Sam’s the only one who doesn’t have a subconsciously negative reaction to it (it’s his blood!). I was probably going to have him beat Lucifer to not-quite-death with the item at some point. Because, yanno. You’ve earned it, Sammy.

Speaking of Micifer, they’re currently having some “bodily integrity” issues due to whatever Sam did to Lucifer. “Body horror flesh-mutant” was where I was going with that, though it also means they know they’re on borrowed time as their Grace gets more and more unstable. The Micifer can, to some extent, “control” the mad angels, and starts sending more of them against the Bunker, “New Falls”, and other human settlements.

At some point, the US Armed Forces were going to show back up again, this time sporting warheads carved with the Enochian wards they copied off the cruise ship the boys took to Hawaii. These weapons will kill any angel they’re pointed at… but they’ll also blow the angel’s blood all over the landscape, which will have the effect of turning anyone who comes into contact with it into an Ishim. (This doesn’t happen when Cas kills an angel because Cas drains the Grace out, “neutralizing” the blood. With missiles, not so much.) And with the landscape crawling with Ishim, it’s good that…

Crowley is busy rebuilding Hell–or at least converting demons, starting with his old pals the Campbells–into a paramilitary force for the purpose of taking down of Lucifer and the growing ranks of the  Ishim. This is also the reason for his arrangement with Becky; basically, he doesn’t want any accidental prophecy-related reveals of what he’s up to. The actual reveal on this was probably going to be some demon!Campbells busting the Winchesters of a tight spot. Needless to say, neither Sam nor Dean are impressed with the situation, though reluctantly admit there are too many Ishim for them to take on alone. Plus, it’s useful to have access to things like helicopters and heavy ordinance. Oh, and finally: Crowley is “miscellaneously post-s10″ Crowley (or, now, I suppose post-death Crowley), and not s6 Crowley. He doesn’t consciously know this, although Becky suspects as occasionally Crowley makes reference to things he shouldn’t yet know (e.g. he mentions having read Chuck’s books).

So that’s the characters. As for the plot, i.e. who “killed” Chuck and drove the angels crazy? Well… On the one hand, it’s Heavily Implied–particularly with the reveal re. the Rope–that it was somehow staged by Lucifer. On the other, flashbacks in Chuck’s scripts hint that it was Chuck himself who is, at least on a meta-sense, responsible, basically because he was bored with being omniscient in the “canon” universe. In one of the scenes I have written, it’s Becky who suggests that, if God is “bored”, he could relinquish his power to someone else and let them “be God” for a while.

This, ultimately, turns out to be the purpose of the Samulet. Whomever performs the extremely complex and esoteric ritual of destroying the thing with a hammer will “unlock” the power of God and, thus, the power to create a new universe to their liking (and for God’s vicarious enjoyment; it’s also implied, because when you’re omnipotent who cares about linear time, this is the “next universe” God retires to with Amara).

So, basically, the final scene was going to be Sam, Dean, Cas, Rilla, Becky, and Crowley, hunkered down somewhere with Micifer pounding at the proverbial door, crowded around the Samulet and trying to decide what to do. I think probably Dean, citing everything humanity’s still managed to achieve since the Landing, would be the voice of leaving the universe as-is, i.e. not destroying the amulet, and finding another way of helping the Angels (ref. hints re. Sam being able to become the “new Lucifer”, and ditto for Dean re. Michael, and calming and rebuilding Heaven and Earth in that way). Sam, somewhat unenthused with this being-Lucifer-maybe plan, suggests Becky, i.e. the fanfic author, be the one to destroy the amulet and rebuild the universe (into that 250k multi-ship coffeeshop AU she’s always wanted, probably). Cas, meanwhile, suggests they all hold the hammer and destroy the amulet together, so that no single entity is the sole “God” of the new ‘verse.

… I think. Well, those were the three options. I hadn’t quite decided who was going to be the champion of which. But you get the point.

As for the actual ending? Because I’m a shit, I was probably going to leave it ambiguous as to which option everyone decided on. Or, like. IDK. Run a vote or something. Or just have Becky do it, because meta lololol.

And now you know.


WIP Amnesty Week: untitled Pacific Rim/Torchwood crossover

This is basically the flip-side piece to “Newt Inherits a Bar”, except while that was the Charlie Day character crossover ‘verse, this is the Burn Gorman character crossover ‘verse.

The actual Torchwood content of this ended up being pretty low, which makes this an excellent study in “if you lose the pacing, you lose the fic”.