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WIP Amnesty Week: “Night Out”

The lost installment from my Pacific Rim series, “Frankenstein and the Newt”.

This was basically just a PWP: an anniversary outing for the titular characters that was going to degenerate into kinky porn. I got sidetracked for two reasons. The first is that I wrote most of it while I was actually in Hong Kong. One of the things that’s noticeable about a lot of Pacific Rim fic is that people have, er, obviously never actually been to the city. Weather aside, I really like Hong Kong, so tried to put a bit of that in here.

The second part is I have this nervous tic that gets triggered by people trying to write “fancy restaurant” scenes in fanfic. You know the ones where the waiters are “snooty” and the food is “small” and someone always feels out-of-place for wearing jeans and not knowing what fork to use. Well, as a Pretentious Wanker who routinely eats in Actual Fancy Restaurants I can categorically say they–with some, mostly US-east-coast *cough cough*, exceptions–aren’t like that. (There is a certain class of mid-range restaurant that is, but ironically one of the reasons they aren’t in the Michelin class is that they’re assholish and unwelcoming. In an actual Michelin restaurant, where you’re paying $500+ for a meal, the staff are always unfailingly polite. Also, the food is “small” because you’re supposed to have eight courses of it. Just… while we’re on the subject.)

Anyway. I kind of petered out on this fic when I came back home, so… here it is, in all its unfinished glory.


WIP Amnesty Week: “Return to Mt. Washington”, ch. 4

Here’s where I got to in the “Nerd Boys and Wendibros” Until Dawn WiP.

This is mostly me being As You Know, Bob self-indulgent with my fanon lore. The idea here is that eating a wendigo’s heart (which, remember, we saw Josh do earlier on in the series) is what causes the “hybrid” style wendigo. This entire story was basically an excuse for Josh to have a Big Damn Hero moment involving a fake-out where he pretends to eat Ash. Basically because lololol fake love triangle fuck that basically.


WIP Amnesty Week: “Bizarre Love Triangle”, ch. 5

So… yeah. I admit I fell a little out of love with Gravity Falls towards the end of Season 2: the whole ending arc just didn’t do it for me, for a variety of reasons. But, for those who’re still wondering, here’s the scrap of “Bizarre Love Triangle” that got written prior to me getting distracted.

This fic was going to have a bittersweet sort of ending: basically Dipper dancing with and kissing “Wil” at the Ball. The action would’ve negated Dipper and Bill’s deal, meaning Bill would’ve been returned to his regular self and, thus, abandoning his mushy teenage feelings.


WIP amnesty week.

It’s that time of the year again. The time when I clear out my works-in-progress and abandoned projects.

For the next… IDK however many days it ends up being, straight from their unfinished text files to you!