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Cruel Angels

Part 1: Then I am, yes, the Bible that teaches you of freedom.

Well. The Apocalypse was one thing. Thousand-foot-tall multi-limbed horror-angels smashing up the planet was something totally different…

Part 2: You just smile, looking straight at me.

After Hawaii, back in the Impala…

Part 3: And then sorrow comes forth.

On the road, headed to Bobby’s.

Part 4: If there is any meaning in the fate that pulled us together.

Cas fights an angel, Dean gets dumped, Sam solves a puzzle, and a chicken has a beer can shoved up its butt.

Part 5: Young boy, who shines brighter than anyone else.

From Pontiac to Hell in three easy hours…

Part 6: And so I live on.

On the run from Tenacious D…

Part 7: If memories are betrayed by the overflowing, burning pathos.

Sharehousing, Bunker-style.

Part 8: untitled (unfinished)

He said he was a bit big to fit in a tyre. I said he could be the tyre. Like a hoop snake, y’know.

A Handful of Dirt

Part 1: A handful of dirt from your home.

In retrospect, waking up in Hell both is and, conversely, isn’t a surprise.

Part 2: All the taels of foreign gold.

The day after history changes, Bobby wakes up slow.

The Dog King

The boys were always going to pull her out. Mary never doubted it. Neither had Lucifer.

There was a little toolshed where he made us suffer.

Because everyone is Jesus in Purgatory…

Slouching Towards Gomorrah

Oops I accidentally a Becky/Crowley rarepair. Mostly it’s a meta commentary on fandom, though, so… there’s that.


Cruel Angels

  1. Get in the fucking Impala, Sam.*
  2. Part 1A.
  3. Part 1B.
  4. Part 2A.
  5. Part 2B.
  6. Part 3A.
  7. Part 3B.
  8. Part 4A.
  9. Part 4B.
  10. Part 5A.
  11. Part 5B.
  12. Part 6A.
  13. Part 6B.
  14. Part 7A.
  15. Part 7B.
  16. Part 8A.

A Handful of dirt from your home

  1. Intro.
  2. Outro.

All the taels of foreign gold

  1. Intro.
  2. Outro.

The Dog King

  1. Intro.
  2. Outro.
  3. The song that I heard after writing this but that always makes me think of it and that I wish I’d included as the original outro.

Slouching Towards Gomorrah

  1. Intro.
  2. Outro.


  1. starmouse123 did art of giant!Cas.
  2. qaftsiel also gave us some giant!Cas, and I lost it when I noticed tiny!Dean and his tiny!halo.
  3. casadefreewill drew giant!Cas (I’m sensing a theme!) fighting Malachi.