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Until Dawn


Nerd Boys and Wendibros

Because the world always needs more domestic fluff in their wendigo!Josh headcanons. Also now with antlers! And rutting season! Get your grab-bag of monster boy tropes here!

Part 1: Til Human Voices Wake Us

It’s guilt that brings him back to the mountain. Guilt, and rumors.

Part 2: Love and Monsters

Wendigo have a rutting season. Who knew? Not Chris, that’s for sure. Not that he’s complaining, or anything…

Part 3: You got a dirty mind, Cochise.

Chris catches Josh during rutting season, ties him up, and plans to sell his sweet wendigo cum on eBay as an aphrodisiac.

Part 4: Run, Bro, Run!

From a prompt: Um uh, in your Wendigo Josh AU what do the two boys do to pass the time (besides being sexy with each other)? I also believe you mentioned Chris pranking Josh by talking to him while standing perfectly still, when Josh uses motion vision.

Part 5: Return to Mt. Washington (unfinished)

Two years later, or thereabouts. Is going back to the mountain a good idea? Hells no. Is everyone going to do it anyway? Of course they are.

Orange County Blues

From a Tumblr prompt: Josh purposefully never wears enough warm clothes just so he has an excuse to steal/borrow Chris’s sweaters/jackets. Chris is well aware of this but keeps letting Josh do it.

Mr. Robotics

Based on thatrandomotaku’s post from Tumblr: Guys, guys, just hear me out. Cute, nerdy, innocent Chris pining after bad boy Josh in a High School au. Just think about it. With my own addition: No but bad boy Josh pining back and thinking cute, nerdy, innocent Chris could never be interested in a fuckup like him.


Nerd Boys and Wendibros

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